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by Wiser Fool

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Elliott Mariess
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Elliott Mariess this should have been in my collection a long time ago. really catchy 70s inspired sabbathy sounding tunes. Favorite track: Like Lightning From Heaven.
Travis Bradley
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Travis Bradley A tone fit for the name and album art. Some of the greatest music progression in each song and vibe. Fantastic work, sit back, enjoy and give these guys your coin.
Scumbag thumbnail
Scumbag An instantly likeable album of solid doomy, stoney, psychey, Sabbathesque rock tunes! This is no roller coaster and it won't hurt your brain so it may not be terribly adventurous, but it's got a strong foundation, great axework and overall musicianship, highly suitable vocals and is something you can feel perfectly at home with. Favorite track: A World Gone Wrong.
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released December 14, 2012

Jay Suschrist - Vocals/Guitar
Spencer Trout - Bass
Troy Horton - Lead Guitar
Jay Schaly - Drums

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Jesse Gander at The Hive Studios, Vancouver, BC. Nov 2012

Artwork by Bonnie Dobbin



all rights reserved


Wiser Fool Vancouver, British Columbia

From Vancouver, BC Canada.

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Track Name: I Pledge Allegiance To This Cult
Desperate, I hear a calling
Cry out, Heaven is falling
Magick ways of Lucifer and all the stars that he has birthed.

Time has come to battle
Will you be one of the cattle?
Spend your last days praying
With Satan's sword i spend mine slaying

Not much time, it's running out
I fill your mind with clouds of doubt
Bouts of sadness, gripped by tears
Drowning in a river of tears

Seance serves the darkest goals
And we've given our mortal souls
Pleasures on Earth, walk the coals
The Devil's taught us rock n' roll
Track Name: What's Been Said
You said it was my right to choose
You said it was your mind to lose
You said, "you would never believe"
When she said, "I'll never deceive".

And you, you are never alone
Inside your heart, there is a home

You thought you could never belong
I thought you'd never been wrong
In time, you smothered my eyes
In time, I uncovered lies

And now, it's time to leave
And it's you who's left to grieve
I said, that you're never alone
Inside your mind, there's always a home
Track Name: This Embrace
When you were alone and you cried out to me
Cried up to Heaven, "Please God, set me free"
Asking for forgiveness for all your sins
But the lord of this world, can't let you win

Will you let go?... Will you give in?...
Will you let go?... Will you give in?... Will you give in?...

Seeking a path with a long history
That which is hidden for so few to see
Secrets of the ages from the sages of the past
fear not, walk in darkness, for these days are the last
Embracing the night time, the right time is now
Enlightenment haults if you do allow...
...The lies of religion to creep into your mind
A balance you must seek, and peace you will find

Will you let go?... Will you give in?...
What do we know?... You will give in... You will give in...
Track Name: Like Lightning From Heaven
When you see the light that shines so deep inside your mind tonight
When you see the light that cast a spark inside the dark tonight
When you see the light that works its way into your eyes tonight
When you see the light that finds it's way into your mind tonight

When you feel the light, you feel the light up in your mind
When you see the light, see, see the light up in your mind
When you feel the light, you feel the light, you feel the light
When you see the light, see, see the light up in your mind

Oh you...

The lights go out, your thoughts aren't clear
You're filled with doubt, embracing fear
You've walked the line, which finally snapped
You've little time, until you're fully trapped
Track Name: Lucifer's Trust
The circle's formed and you've transformed
To the beast we see before us
Ones death is mourned, and one forlorn
We're bound to Lucifers trust

What seeks you in the dark....
Is that which makes its mark
Upon the lowly eye of man
And spread across this land

Are you truly as evil, evil as you seem?
Is it all just a dream?
I heard the words you've spoken, spoke unto me
Hidden in their meaning a veiled mystery
Right is the light side, there is no turning back
Left is the one that I've chosen, its colour is black
Oath of devotion I have shown unto you
Appear in the clouds before me, reveal truth

Though you never gave up, had to give in
Blade to flesh, blood will erupt
Stain on your soul, blackest of sin
Lord of light guides me in...
The one that sets us free
Time of the garden, you've revealed
The power you enable us to weild.

Now that you chosen allegiance, bearer of light
Fright in the hearts all around you, terror at night
You've got no enemies once you've made them your pray
Magickal passages I use to creep into your brain
Are you truly as evil, evil as you seem?
Devil at my doorstep, is this a dream?
Give me your essence, a pressence comes into you
One which guides you along to, revealling the truth
Track Name: Seek It Out
You are the one
Like the sun
Take me so very gently
Find the light, hold it tight
Lately, I've been waiting
Waiting for you to come around
Slowly, you start to open
Open wide... wide open mind

Why are you keeping secrets, dear?
Holding back will only add to fear
Such loss is never worth the cost
Expose me to your every flaw

In you I have found, some sort of common ground.
And what do you see, when you look at me?
Tenderness and warmth reveal,
Though you try to conceal.
Realistic sights I've seen,
Brings me where you've never been

Step out of the light and into the night....

You're a mystery woman, that I wish to learn
Got the energy woman that I've come to burn
You'll soon find out, honey, what I truly need
For your sweet love, lady, I am a fiend

Seek it out....
Listen to me, do not doubt
Open up yourself, and you'll find out.
Track Name: A World Gone Wrong
I heard you singing, then I felt it all drift away
And though it is stinging, 'cause all that you're bringing is pain
The look on your face is the one of disgrace and such shame
I asked for deliverence and I felt the cold shift away

That which is past, now at long last it's gone
Close your eyes to a world that has gone so wrong

Across the divide, a place we once lied, oh no
Our two worlds collide, our two minds unite to one
And, though I have tried, demons will guide you along
The place you will die, a place they will cry, not long

Look to the sky, ask where time has gone
Seek & you'll find, it's all in your mind, I know
Look in your eyes, I see that your spark is gone
Soon you'll be fine, when waves come and wash you 'way